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How do frogs drink water?

Do snakes have bones? 

Learn science while a lizard sits in your hands.

Our program is designed to teach reptile and amphibian biology, while allowing guests and students to touch and hold live animals. Our hour long programs includes six animals from a variety of reptiles and amphibians from all over the world: frogs, snakes, tortoises and a variety of lizards. 

Some critters you might meet:

-a lizard without legs

-a gecko that licks its eyeballs 

-a frog with skin secretions that have the ability to kill the HIV virus without harming healthy cells 

We spend months, sometimes years working with each individual animal before they become animal ambassadors. We start each program by going over safe animal handling rules and teaching guests non-verbal ways to communicate with us how comfortable they are with each animal as we come around. We work very hard to provide a safe space for everyone, both humans and critters. 

Our program is great for classrooms, birthday parties (adults too), summer camps, company events, festivals and more. This program is ideal for up to 30 kids. The smaller the group the more hands-on time each guest will have. For larger events, we offer a table set-up where guests can come and interact with the animals as they want to.

Rate: $350 plus a drive fee depending on location

We are able to offer free and low-cost educational programs to qualifying public schools and education non-profits thanks to your support.

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New program ‘Backyard Creepers’ Coming Soon

Backyard Snakes is a one of a kind classroom program that seeks to demystify the Bay Area’s unique and special snake species.

As urban development progresses in the Bay Area, encounters with California’s wildlife becomes increasingly common. Creatures frequently encountered in Bay Area backyards are snakes. Unfortunately snakes are one of the most demonized and misunderstood groups of animals. As a result, many harmless snakes are needlessly killed simply due to lack of education and understanding.

Through science-based education, we hope to teach our local youth the importance of local snakes, and inspire conservation action, beginning in their own backyards!

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Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am-5 pm.