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Animal Education 

Things That Creep has a need for volunteers to introduce members of the public (of all ages!) to our reptile and amphibian ambassadors and to assist with events and programs. We regularly run tables at expos, conduct educational programming in classrooms, appear at birthday parties, and other events. 

Volunteers are required to complete a hands-on training course before assisting with any live events where they will meet our animal ambassadors, learn more about the species we regularly take to programs, and cover the basics of safely handling the animals during events.  

Education Volunteers must be comfortable speaking with members of the public (especially children and young adults), handling a wide range of reptiles and amphibians (and maybe even cockroaches),spending periods of time standing or kneeling during events, be calm under pressure, and be able to safely handle animals in a sometimes chaotic and unpredictable environment. A good sense of humor is also appreciated!

While we have many programs/events in the evenings and weekends, we also have a need for volunteers who can do classroom programs during the the day on weekdays.

Social Media & Marketing

Things That Creep has a need for social media volunteers to update our instagram and Facebook pages with fun and creative content. We would also appreciate help expanding our social media presence on other sites! We are looking for volunteers who are social-media savvy and who are interested in education around reptiles/amphibians and conservation to assist us in this effort. 

Skillsets could include photography, graphic design, video editing, and/or general social media knowledge and skills.

Animal Husbandry

Things That Creep has a need for reptile/amphibian husbandry volunteers at our facility in Castro Valley. Husbandry volunteers will assist with cleaning, feeding, and general care of Things That Creeps’ wide collection of reptiles and amphibians. Volunteers will also assist with handling and socializing animals for events and programs. 

Volunteers are required to complete a hands-on training course and to shadow another senior volunteer or employee to learn more about the specific species housed at the facility and about specific care, feeding, and handling needs. 

Husbandry volunteers must be comfortable handling a wide range of reptiles and amphibians, be comfortable with feeding and cleaning enclosures, be able to bend, lift, and maneuver between enclosures as needed, and have a good attitude! Volunteers must also be able to arrange their own transportation to/from our Castro Valley facility. 

Due to the needs of our animals and our commitment to training, we ask that Husbandry volunteers commit to a shift at least 2 times per month for at least 6 months.